2019 was an exciting year here at Vibe Israel, full of new beginnings! After the extensive research and strategy-building process we conducted with Bloom Consulting in the second half of 2018, this year was all about putting things into motion, and laying the groundwork for our 5-year plan and core projects. Since this required an extensive internal reorganization, both at Vibe Israel’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, and at Vibe Israel USA’s office, we took the first half of the year to regroup, and after the Summer, we were back in full force!


With three Vibe Tours, establishing the Vibe Israel Academy and planning for a Summit in partnership with the Jewish Federations of North America in March 2020, as well as the first ever Branding Israel Awards we held in Jerusalem in January 2020, not to mention welcoming a new President & CEO to Vibe Israel USA – we ended the year reinvigorated and ready to start a new decade!


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Richard N. Bernstein 
Chairman of Board of Directors

Greetings from Vibe Israel USA!

2019 was a year of great progress for our US operations.  Working with our Board of Directors, we brought on a new CEO to focus on expanding our financial resources and implementing our plan for US expansion.  Together, we aim to raise the profile of Vibe Israel’s mission to change perceptions of Israel throughout the US, working with a variety of stakeholders and partners.

Much of this past year was dedicated to developing the Vibe Israel Academy, an educational tool to train our partners how to share our vision of Israel with their young adult stakeholders.  We are looking forward to our first ever Storytelling Israel Summit, in partnership with Jewish Federations of North America, UJA-New York Federation, and the Lisa Stone Pritzker Family Foundation.

Vibe Israel is lucky to have a dedicated group of donors and partners who support our work.  Their vision and commitment to changing the way Israel is perceived by the next generation is truly inspiring. We thank all of you, our supporters, for sharing the vision of Vibe Israel.

We look forward to an even more successful 2020!

Richard N. Bernstein, Chairman of Board of Directors

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Becca Hurowitz
President & CEO, Vibe Israel USA

In the summer of 2019, a colleague asked me to join a call to learn about an organization called Vibe Israel. I was immediately struck by their unique approach to changing the way people think about Israel, especially to the next generations. Little did I know, that call started the exciting process of joining the Vibe Israel team as CEO of Vibe Israel USA. 

As a long-time Jewish communal professional and lover of Israel, I have grown increasingly concerned about the way Israel is viewed – incorrectly, in my opinion – by so many young adults in America and worldwide.  I truly believe that our work at Vibe Israel – the Vibe Israel Academy, our soon-to-be-launched online toolkit, our influencer tours, and all of our other upcoming initiatives – can change that global perception and show the world the best Israel has to offer.  I am deeply grateful to the donors and partners who support our work and share our vision. I’m thrilled to be a part of this vibrant organization and looking forward to many shared successes in 2020.


Annual Reports

For detailed financial information, click here for our latest Report 990. 

For more information, please contact Becca Hurowitz at rebeccah@vibeisrael.com.

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