Who We Are

Vibe Israel USA works with the North American Jewish community to share Israel’s story with the world. Our mission is to energize and inspire young people around the world about Israel by harnessing the power of social media and country branding methodologies.

Our partner organization in Israel, Vibe Israel, has been utilizing Country Branding to transform global perceptions of Israel using Country Branding. Together, Vibe Israel and Vibe Israel USA are utilizing Israel Country Branding to strengthen the connection between the next-gen Jewish Diaspora and Israel.

In 2016 Vibe Israel USA was launched to complement Vibe Israel’s activities by focusing on the unique needs of the largest Diaspora Jewish community – North America.  We believe that the intersection of Israel and North American Jewry is critical to our shared future, so we aim to promote a thriving and healthy relationship.

We are not an advocacy organization - we are not explaining Israel's political policies or asking people to take sides. We are highlighting what Israel has to offer, because we believe Israel is a great "product" that deserves great marketing.

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“Your work at Vibe Israel, alongside other governmental and non-governmental organizations, showcases the beautiful aspects of Israel’s contributions, its diverse society and rich history. The secret of Israel’s charm is not just in it being a Start Up Nation, but first and foremost in it being a People’s Nation, a fascinating human mosaic that connects between innovation and traditions, East and West. Thank you for all you are doing to represent us and help make the Israeli experience accessible to people around the world. Continue your blessed work”

- President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, February 20th, 2019

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